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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How to Use Skype in the Classroom

As a dog (and my author Mom, Barbara Techel) who love to Skype with kids across the US And Canada I wanted to share this helpful article on all the different ways you can use Skype in the classroom.  Ain't technology grand?
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Getting ready for a Skype call!

Article reprint from Smart Schools, Smart Tools:

Skype is a free and easy way for teachers to enrich their classrooms and students with a world beyond their campuses. Skype allows students to learn from other students and cultures and expand their knowledge in different ways.
One such project can be talking to museum curators and science experts via Skype. Student works can be posted on student blogs for experts to comment on the work.
Using Skype, students can receive encouragement from peers and teachers from all over the world. They can collaborate, share resources, plan and track the progress of the project with other schools as well.
Below are some ideas to teach students in the most dynamic ways:
  1. See Me, Hear Me: Skype in the Classroom. Students with the opportunity to chat with a book author via Skype.
  2. Videoconferencing in the Classroom with Skype. A teacher who used the movie “Hoop Dreams” to teach about social equality. The movie’s executive producer participated in a Skype session with students.
  3. Field trips. For students who are not able to participate in a field trip, they can use Skype to bring the field trip into the classroom.
  4. Using Skype in the languages classroom.Help students study foreign languages from native speakers.
  5. After school help. Help students needing extra attention after school.
  6. Interviews. Students can interview other teachers or students, sending the Skype feed to the classroom for all to watch.
  7. Guest lecturers. Have guest lecturers come to your classroom via Skype.
  8. Connect special needs students. Students who cannot attend class because of special needs won’t need to miss special events in the classroom with Skype.
  9. Foreign culture lessons. Allows students to see first-hand what people’s homes, schools, clothing, weather, and more looks like. If a festival takes place, Skype can bring it to the classroom too.
  10. Connect with families from around the world.
  11. Present a performance. Put on a play, or demonstrate a science experiment. Share the fruits of students’ works with Skype.
  12. Professional development. Teachers can use Skype for conference presentations.
  13. Innovative teacher uses Skype and Wikis to involve parents. An example of a teacher who helped share information using Skype and the PBS program called “Growing Up Online.”
  14. Receive teaching feedback. Ask an experienced or mentor teacher to give you feedback via Skype.
  15. Skype in the Classroom. Offers help on how to set up Skype, tips on finding other teachers on Skype and technical objects.
  16. Skype Tutorials for Teachers, Authors, Librarians. >Find a handful of video and text tutorials here to get started with Skype.
  17. Classroom Collaboration with Skype. This is a primer that offers help using Skype, and using it in the classroom.
  18. Using skype in the classroom. A teacher describes using Skype and how to best prepare for class using Skype as a great educational opportunity.
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