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Barbara Techel is the author of the multi-award winning Frankie, the Walk ‘N Roll Dog book series. When her dachshund, Frankie, suffered a spinal injury, Barbara had her custom-fitted for a wheelchair. Frankie persevered, and Barbara realized the beautiful opportunity she had to share Frankie and give others hope and inspiration to be the best they can be. Along with sharing Frankie’s story with children, Barbara and Frankie routinely volunteer as a therapy dog team at a local hospital, senior assisted facility, and hospice community, spreading joy wherever they go.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Frankie meets therapy donkeys of Luv 'em All Donkey Farm

Recently my mom visited a very special farm with for miniature donkeys. They are all therapy donkeys owned by Susan and Brain Kilton.  They invite special needs groups and the elderly to be with the donkeys. You can read a special story my mom wrote about the donkeys and the day a special needs group visited, "For the Love of Donkeys"

Today I got to meet the donkeys because I will be taking part in visiting some times when special needs groups and elderly come out the the farm.  So not only will they meet donkeys, but they can meet me too!  So here's a fun video of my first time meeting my new donkey friends.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Special Needs Pet Feature: Rosie

Summer 2011 014
What is your pet's name?
Rosabelle  Degli Angeli Neri, but we simly call her Rosie, (pet names Rosie posie or Ruskuss)

How old is your pet?
She is almost 3.5 years old

Where did you get your pet?
From a well known Newfoundland breeder (Emmy Bruno)

What is your pet's physical challenge?
She was born with a miniature front paw which was later reabsorbed into the wrist

What is your pet's favorite thing to do?
Laying on the fountain step with her sister Nana and watch people pass and bark at them if they get too near the gates, or  sleeping on her back

What is your pet's favorite thing to eat? 
Fish (she gets cod once or twice a week) and “cosine buone” (little treats)

What do you love most about your pet?
Her determination not to be left behind or excluded from anything, her courage and attachment to me and her sis.

What has your pet most taught you?
To be strong and fight when things get rough, never to give in, to love unconditionally.

Anything else you’d like to share?
She thinks she is a lap dog and now and then she half jumps on my knees when I am seated, wrap her only front paw around me and lays her head on my breast and just stays there, looking at me as if saying “I love you, Mom”
Half jumps means that she keeps her hind paws on the floor and only her trunk and big big head are resting on me.

 ***If you care for a special needs pet and would like your pet featured, please email me through my website contact. Send a photo and I will forward the questionnaire for your pet to be featured in an upcoming post.***


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My mom and I were overwhelmed with joy at the response to our request to simply donate $1.00 to Dodgerslist in exchange for an entry into the many prizes we gave away during Frankie's birthday bash.

We mailed the big fat check to Dodgerslist yesterday!  And here is the video announcing how much we collected in donation because of many people and their generosity.  Thank you so much!!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Winners Announced for Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Dog Birthday Bash Prizes!

Thank you to everyone who participated in my birthday bash whether you joined us as new on Facebook or re-tweeted the contest  or donated money to Dodgerslist -- we appreciated each and everyone of you entering!

So drum roll please... and the winners are:

1st Place:  Margaret Kisala ($25.00 Dachshund Delights gift certificate, Frankie tote bag, Both Frankie storybooks, Frankie coloring and paper doll book, Frankie greeting card, and Frankie 2-pc magnet set.)

2nd Place:  Patricia Beach ($15.00 Dachshund Delights gift certificate, Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Dog book, Dogs and the Women Who Love Them book, 3" Frankie magnet, and Frankie greeting card.)

3rd Place:  Whispering Pines K-9's ($10.00 Dachshund Delights gift certificate, Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Therapy Dog Visits Libby's House book, Almost Perfect book, 3" Frankie magnet, and Frankie greeting card.

Special bonus prize:  Marilyn Mosley (coloring book bag with Frankie Coloring and Paper Doll Book)

All contest winners need to contact us by Monday, August 29th by midnight to claim their prizes. If we don't hear from you by then, your prize will be forfeited.  When contacting us please provide us with your name and mailing address so we can mail your prize out to you.  Note:  Dachshund Delights will mail gift certificates separately so we will be providing your information to them.

Watch for special video coming announcing how much we raised for Dodgerslist!!


Special Needs Pet: Maggie

Securedownload (1)
What is your pet's name?

How old is your pet?
She will be 2 years old on Sept. 21st

Where did you get your pet?
She was born here at my home from a littler of pups. I have both parents.

What is your pet's physical challenge?
Maggie is blind. I think some days (rarely) she can see shapes. It scares her terribly on days like that and she doesn't leave my side. But most days she sees nothing.

What is your pet's favorite thing to do?
Maggie's favorite thing to do is play in the water sprinkler when its hot. She also loves to cuddle and oh, belly rubs- can't forgot those.
What do you love most about your pet?
What I love about Maggie's is she is so sweet and ready to go and do anything with me despite her blindness. She's incredibly smart. She also gives the best kisses!

What has your pet most taught you?
I don't know if she has really taught me this but... Special needs dogs are just that, special. Everyone show open their home to a special dog. Her blindness has taught me to see things differently and how she adapts to things is amazing. She's always happy.

Anything else you'd like to share?

It took awhile to figure out that Maggie couldn't see. She was in a swarm of little black puppies. All rolling around and falling over etc. But it started to show when she would bump into the walls or fall in the food dishes as she got a little older.
I took her to the vet and they did a quick look and said "yup shes blind. Will you be putting her down?" NO! I WILL NOT!
My EX vet didn't even want to discuss what was wrong... They just dismissed her. ( I still do not know why shes blind, it really doesn't matter)
Maggie does perfectly well here with me and her parents and brother. She knows this house and yard, every inch of it. I keep the chairs pushed in and stuff out of the middle of the floor.... She has no problems. Her food and water are in the same place all the time, she goes right to it.
When we go outside she runs like the rest of the pack. Most people don't believe she is blind, and they wouldn't have known if I didn't tell them. If I think shes going to run into something I yell "CAREFUL" and she stops. "EASY" means slow down. I can direct her through the woods (we walk on the hill everyday) By telling her easy, over, wait for me etc.
If we are on a strange trail she stays next to me, Mica, Timber or One Ton.They all look out for her and will get between her and a bank or tree. Its truly amazing to watch those dogs watch out for her. 
We do have a few issues we had to work around... (its not all easy) I have to watch out in the yard when the dogs are running. The others will swerve around me but Maggie has ran me over a couple times (clipped my legs as she goes by) Down I go. Then she comes back and kisses me cause shes sorry.
I wrapped my clothes line posts in snow fence in case she hits them. Its not pretty but it keeps her from getting hurt too much. We still get bumps and bruises some days but as she ages it doesn't happen so much anymore.
She is slow to make up to strangers. She does best if they don't try to touch her right away. But if given time to listen to them and be around them soon shes laying on the ground belly up "Rub my belly!"
Securedownload (2)
Maggie with mommy, Mica, daddy, one ton, and brother, Timber
 ***If you care for a special needs pet and would like your pet featured, please email me through my website contact. Send a photo and I will forward the questionnaire for your pet to be featured in an upcoming post.***


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Riding for the Animals: Motorcyclist To Complete Cross-Country Ride as Fundraiser for Rescued Animals

Kadee1-221x300 Atlas-on-wheels1-253x300
Saugerties, NY – August 13, 2011 - Avid motorcyclist David DiNicola of Middlefield, New York, will rev up his Harley Davidson from August 13-22 for The Strong in Spirit journey across the country to raise money for rescued animals.

DiNicola wanted to do something to honor the legacy of his late German Shepherd, KaDee, who brought so much joy to his life during her 16 years. “KaDee had such gumption for life – the same gumption that I see when I look into the eyes of rescued animals still waiting for their forever home,” said DiNicola who hopes to raise $100,000 to be split between two animal organizations: Catskill Animal Sanctuary and theBerkshire Humane Society. 

The Berkshire Humane Society is where KaDee was adopted as a puppy and an organization that DiNicola has been involved with ever since. Catskill Animal Sanctuary, located in Saugerties, New York, rescues 12 species of farm animals from life or death situations. DiNicola first heard of Catskill Animal Sanctuary when he picked up a book, Where the Blind Horse Sings by Kathy Stevens, the sanctuary’s founder and director – the first book, he says, he has ever read from start to finish. The book compelled him to visit the sanctuary where he met numerous animals who changed his understanding about farm animals forever.

"Everyone can do something to make a difference. I am a motorcyclist, that's what I do; and I found a way to turn that into an opportunity to help animals who I deeply care about," said DiNicola. "You don't have to devote your life to a cause, but we all need to find something that grabs at our heart and then we need to find a way to help. This is my way." The grueling trip is 4,000 miles, and DiNicola will travel 10 states in 10 days.

Check out this video of David, KaDee, and Atlas (a formerly abused and disabled goat now living happily at Catskill Animal Sanctuary) on their respective wheels at http://ow.ly/61iVB, and learn more about this extraordinary journey here http://casanctuary.org/events/strong-in-spirit/.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

YES, Your Dog CAN Live A Great Quality Life.... Even with IVDD

What an arf-a-roo fantastic article (below) about how dogs live quality lives even with IVDD.  As you know, if you have been following me on my blog, IVDD has not stopped me from living a happy, fulfilling life. I've taught my mom alot since my diagnoses five years ago... and one of our biggest missions is to teach others to not to take pity on an animal with IVDD or any animal with special needs.... just love them, love them with all your heart... and you will see the world before you unfold in the most amazing way.

Now, onto the article....

Often, the question of quality of life comes up when a dog is diagnosed with IVDD. Are you struggling with that question right now?  READ MORE

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

WIN PRIZES: Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Dog's Birthday Bash!

Just a note that those that have already donated $1.00 to Dodgerslist during Frankie's Birthday Bash giveaway, your name will also be entered in to win the extra bonus gift I talk about in the video.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Special Needs Pet Feature: Junior

What is your pet's name?
Junior(also lovingly nicknamed My Lil’ Speed Racer)

How old is your pet?

Where did you get your pet?
Southern California Pomeranian Rescue

What is your pet's physical challenge?
Canine Cognitive Syndrome, or Doggy Dementia, Doggy Alzheimer’s

What is your pet's favorite thing to do?
Eat, and follow his new daddy on short walks

What is your pet's favorite thing to eat?
Anything YUMMY!!!

What do you love most about your pet?
I love his amazing spirit most of all. I’ve had him almost 2 weeks, and he has struck me deep in my heart with his amazing spirit. When he goes outside he is a changed man. He does everything a normal dog does, or at least he tries. He gets stuck sometimes, but a wave of the hand in front of his eyes and say come on My Lil’ Speed Racer and voila he’s off again. He makes me smile every time I take him outside to walk. I take him on a separate walk from the others cause he is slow, but the others don’t seem to mind when it’s his turn for his walk.

What has your pet most taught you?
It’s a toss up between patience, perseverance, and bravery.

Anything else you’d like to share?
Just that I am blessed to have him. I thought to myself after I committed to him “What have I gotten myself into?” thinking I was going to be spending all my time watching him to make sure he didn’t have potty accidents, etc…, but I couldn’t have been more wrong with the picture in my mind. He is easy to tell when he has to go potty, and if I happen to not catch his cue, that he needs to go he has yet to miss a potty pad since I’ve had him. He is an astounding baby, and I just wish everyone could experience the smiles he puts on my face every day watching him accomplish thing, after thing, after thing. He makes me so proud of him. I could go on forever here, so I will stop now before I just end up babbling.
 ***If you care for a special needs pet and would like your pet featured, please email me through my website contact. Send a photo and I will forward the questionnaire for your pet to be featured in an upcoming post.***


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The American Dog Magazine will Feature Special Needs Dogs Up for Adoption

This just warmed my heart to read this news!  In the Fall 2011 issue, The American Dog magazine will feature 5 pages of special needs dogs that need homes.  This is so arf-a-roo  fantastic! So be sure to check it out if you are considering a special needs dog. I can guarantee you your life will never be the same if you bring one of these amazing pets into your life.... just ask my mom... she knows.  ARF!



Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My little dog-a heartbeat at my feet.-Edith Wharton

Home Sweet Home to me is wherever my mom is. She works in her studio just about every day and that is where you will find me... right at her feet snoozing away.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Win Prizes! Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Dogs Birthday Bash Celebration

It is hard for me to believe, but I will be 12-years old on August 20th. I've also been in my wheels for five years now too... and still going strong! Arf-a-roo!

In celebration of my birthday, my mom and I have put together 3 awesome prize packages!!  And you could win! It is very easy to enter and you can enter in one of three ways, or enter all three ways.  This of course gives you better chances of winning.... and I know you want to win.

Contest runs August 1st through August 21st.... click here to see the list of prizes and find out all the details on how to enter.

Please share with your family and friends. The more the merrier!  GOOD LUCK!  ARF-A-ROO!