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Barbara Techel is the author of the multi-award winning Frankie, the Walk ‘N Roll Dog book series. When her dachshund, Frankie, suffered a spinal injury, Barbara had her custom-fitted for a wheelchair. Frankie persevered, and Barbara realized the beautiful opportunity she had to share Frankie and give others hope and inspiration to be the best they can be. Along with sharing Frankie’s story with children, Barbara and Frankie routinely volunteer as a therapy dog team at a local hospital, senior assisted facility, and hospice community, spreading joy wherever they go.

Friday, January 15, 2010

A Tribute to Sebastian the Disabled Duck

In Loving Memory of Sebastian... a very special duck

A Special Place

You have a special place Dear Lord
that I know you'll always keep
 special place reserved for ducks
when they quietly fall asleep

With large and airy meadows
and a yard for finding bugs,

Lord, I know You keep this Special Place
And so to You I pray,
For one Special duck who quietly died today
She was full of strength and love
and so very, very wise.
she went to join the other ducks
To Your land that is so Divine
So, speak to Sebastian softly please
And give her a warm hello.
She's a Special gift to You Dear Lord
From Sharon, who loved her so....

Oh, did I love this tribute to this special duck named Sebastian, who sadly died on December 26, 2009.  But if it were not for his human mom, he would have not had the great LONG life that he did... and what a grand life it was, thanks to her.
Thank you to Mary Shafer at Almost Perfect Pets blog for alerting us to this story and then directing us to Handicapped Pets who shared the full story... be sure to check out the full story.  It is well worth it.

This story reminded me of "Lemon the Duck" which is also another true story about a disabled duck.



Lemon the Duck said...

Sharon and Sebastian were quite a team. They're both an inspiration!
Lemon the Duck

Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog said...

Hey Lemon,
Thanks for stopping on by! I hope you are doing well and still working with kids! You are just as amazing and an inspiration as Sebastian!

Your pal,