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Barbara Techel is the author of the multi-award winning Frankie, the Walk ‘N Roll Dog book series. When her dachshund, Frankie, suffered a spinal injury, Barbara had her custom-fitted for a wheelchair. Frankie persevered, and Barbara realized the beautiful opportunity she had to share Frankie and give others hope and inspiration to be the best they can be. Along with sharing Frankie’s story with children, Barbara and Frankie routinely volunteer as a therapy dog team at a local hospital, senior assisted facility, and hospice community, spreading joy wherever they go.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Popular Question

Question submitted by Emma, Age 9

How does Frankie sleep?
This is one of the most popular questions I get asked. I can actually sleep in my wheelchair. That is the advantage of being so short. I can lay the front part of my body down (like in the photo) and then my little butt sticks in the air. My mom always has to pat my butt when I do this. She thinks it is so cute. Oh brother!
At night mom takes me out of my wheels and I have a little crate I sleep in, which you can see in the photo above too. It is filled with lots of cozy blankie's to keep me warm.
And most of the time when we are home and I am in my mom's writing room with her, I snuggle in my little bed as you can see in the other photo. I LOVE TO NAP!!

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Karen said...

From the kids in Canada...Sweet dreams Frankie!!!!!