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Barbara Techel is the author of the multi-award winning Frankie, the Walk ‘N Roll Dog book series. When her dachshund, Frankie, suffered a spinal injury, Barbara had her custom-fitted for a wheelchair. Frankie persevered, and Barbara realized the beautiful opportunity she had to share Frankie and give others hope and inspiration to be the best they can be. Along with sharing Frankie’s story with children, Barbara and Frankie routinely volunteer as a therapy dog team at a local hospital, senior assisted facility, and hospice community, spreading joy wherever they go.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Introducing "For the Love of Animals: A Collection of Short Stories, Series One"

A special announcement from my mom, author, Barbara Techel.

Ftloa series 1 cover
This is the first in a new series that I have written for all animal lovers!


My life transitioned when my chocolate Labrador, Cassie, was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer in late 2004.

Watching Cassie live each day with the same joy she always had, even with cancer, made me yearn for more joy in my own life. Because of Cassie, I took a three-month hiatus from my small business, to work with a life coach, and think about what I truly wanted for myself. What would bring me more happiness? I wondered.

From that sabbatical, I discovered how deeply I truly love animals. I decided to become a writer so I could share my love of animals with others, the many lessons I believe they teach us, and all the joy they bring to our lives.

I like to think of my journey since then, as “Joyful Paws.” You see, I paused (paws) long enough in my life to really give thought to what makes me most joyful. In turn, that has helped me to live with more purpose. And I happened to learn all of this because of a dog.

Short Stories in Series One

The Silly Names We Call Our Pets
Puppy Antics
The Dance Of A Dog's Dream

Available on Kindle through Amazon or as a PDF at Joyful Paws website that you can download to your computer.

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