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Barbara Techel is the author of the multi-award winning Frankie, the Walk ‘N Roll Dog book series. When her dachshund, Frankie, suffered a spinal injury, Barbara had her custom-fitted for a wheelchair. Frankie persevered, and Barbara realized the beautiful opportunity she had to share Frankie and give others hope and inspiration to be the best they can be. Along with sharing Frankie’s story with children, Barbara and Frankie routinely volunteer as a therapy dog team at a local hospital, senior assisted facility, and hospice community, spreading joy wherever they go.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Special Needs Pet Feature of the Week: Benny

How old is your pet?
6 years old

Where did you get your pet?
Nextdaypets.com (I got him for a discounted price he was the runt of the liter)

What is your pets physical challenge?
Benny is now paralyzed from about the waste down. He uses a wheel chair to run around in and he also has a drag bag for when he is not in his wheels. His wheels I got from Eddie's Wheels. The Drag Bag was from Handicappedpets.com.

What is your pets favorite thing to do?
Play with his brother Canoli and his family.

What is your pets favorite thing to eat?
Pasta! Hey were Italian =)

What do you love most about your pet?
His will to live. He motovates me.

What has your pet most taught you?
How to be strong. That no matter what happens in your life that disables you. To keep going. Try harder. Never give up faith.
Anything else you'd like to share?
Alot of Dachshunds suffer from IVDD. They do not have homes or people to take care of them. Its very sad to see most people will just put the dog down when really they can live a happy healthy life. Just like anything its tuff at first but after you learn how to take care of them properly it's just like having a normal dog. The only difference is you have to assist them going to the bathroom which takes 5 minutes out of your time. With a normal dog you would still need to take those 5 minutes by walking him/her outside if not longer. The last thing would be putting him in his wheels to run around. For all you Doxie lovers out there give a Doxie with IVDD some care. =)
 ***If you care for a special needs pet and would like your pet featured, please email me through my website contact. Send a photo and I will forward the questionnaire for your pet to be featured in an upcoming post.***


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